The results are in! Here is what YOU think will RECOUP this season!

Ok, my Virtual Broadway Investors, the contest is now officially closed!  (Insert trumpets sounding the start of the race here).

The winner of the iPhone will be announced on September 1st (or earlier if we have the recoupment results . . . or later if we don’t!).

Until then, let’s see how you voted!

There were 9 shows on our list . . . and the majority of you think only TWO will recoup (which is consistent with the somewhat industry standard stat of 1 out of 5 shows recoup).

What were those two shows?  Here’s the rundown of the shows and the results!


1.  Will 33 Variations recoup?

53.5% YES
46.5% NO

2.  Will Impressionism recoup?

30.1% YES
69.9% NO

3.  Will Blithe Spirit recoup?

80.2% YES
19.8% NO

4.  Will God of Carnage recoup?

36.2% YES
63.8% NO

5.  Will Exit the King recoup?

45.3% YES
54.7% NO

6.  Will Irena’s Vow recoup?

26.1% YES
73.9% NO

7.  Will Reasons to be Pretty recoup?

33.1% YES
66.9% NO

8.  Will Mary Stuart recoup?

29.8% YES
70.2% NO

9.  Will The Norman Conquests recoup?

23.7% YES
76.3% NO


Well, there you have it.  Blithe and 33 Variations are the ones you’d put your money on.  And I know a bunch of people that put their actual money in one of them!  🙂

Keep watching here for updates as the season goes on.  And good luck to you . . . and even better luck to the actual investors in all of the shows.  Here’s to ALL 9 shows recouping!

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