A marketing axiom in two parts.

The bad news is . . . a great marketing campaign can’t save a bad show.
The good news is . . . a bad marketing campaign can’t kill a great show.
  • Converse to the second part: Side Show. Grotesque (and mostly nonexistent) marketing that did not communicate the true nature of the show; thus, despite strong reviews (including two raves from the Times), the show was dead in three months.

  • Wild Bird says:

    The bad marketing campaign might not be shooting the gun, but it’s definitely standing idly by while the show bleeds to death.

  • Richard says:

    Strong box office does not defne a show as great.
    Weak box office does not define a show as bad.
    Most of the straight plays and musicals that I’ve seen in the past 30 years that I’ve liked a great deal were not shows that were long-lasting. My personal, arrogant experience: most people’s taste is all in their mouths.
    We all go around once, so we may as well take pride and joy in creating great product, whatever that product is!
    Of course, don’t take my word for it–ask some of the AIG folks.

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