The position known as Missionary: Part I.

Many marketers have names for the people that passionately spread the word about products aka the people that drink the non-lethal kool-aid and love it’s strawberry goodness so much that they have to get others to do the same.

Seth calls them sneezers.
Malcom calls them mavens and connectors and salesmen.
Others have called them influences, ambassadors, awesome-ites, and more.
I wanted to be cool, so I’ve come up with a name of my own for the passionate peeps that I believe should be a primary focus of all product launches and marketing campaigns.
I call them Missionaries.
Here are just a few reasons why:
  • Most Producers, business owners, and entrepreneurs I know think their project or product is divine in nature, hence the use of the term with the religous connotation. ¬† (Tip: ¬†frankly, if you don’t think your project is divine, then find another one.)
  • Missionaries work best when sent to areas where the Producer, business owner or entrepreneur can’t reach by traditional methods.
  • Missionaries don’t do their work out of biological reflex (like sneezing – sorry, Seth), and they don’t do it for money . . . they do it out of love and faith in the product itself.
Now that we have a name for them, what we do with them?
See tomorrow’s post.

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