The position known as Missionary: Part II.

There’s a five step process to making the most of your missionaries.  Surprise, surprise, they are the same steps that you’d take if we were talking actual missionaries here.

Here we go:


  • Find them.
    • Create missionary magnets both online and offline to find the people that will best represent what you have to offer.
  • Train them.
    • Get them familiar with what they’re preaching about so they are authorities on your subject.  Remember, they will be representing you.
  • Give them the resources they need to go out into the world.
    • Missionaries can’t travel far without help.  Give them the tools they need to make their job as easy as possible. It’s a jungle where they are going.
  • Reward them when they return.
    • It’s tiring work.  They deserve a reward.  And it needs to be more valuable than money.
  • Repeat
    • Go back to step 3.  Give them more resources and keep this program looping like a roller coaster.

What’s great about a successful missionary program is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Great missionaries will take steps 1 and 2 out of the equation for you in the future, because they’re going to find great missionaries.  The program becomes like an ethical Amway in that your 1st tier Missionaries will find your 2nd tier and your 2nd tier will find your 3rd tier and so on, until your missionaries are in every corner of the globe doing your word-of-mouth marketing for you.

So that’s my definition of The Missionary Position.  But frankly, you can call these folks sneezers, connectors, influencers or purple tubas for all I care.

The fact is that a missionary by any other name would sell as sweet.

But call on them often, because they are the most economical yet most valuable marketers you have.

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