The Video Game follow up.

Who knew I had so many readers who were also gamers!  I got a ton of emails regarding my video game post, so I wanted to post a few quick follow ups based on a bunch of great thoughts from all of you.

  • Many of you mentioned that there were video game versions of Lion King, Aladdin, etc.  ‘Tis true, of course, but remember, these weren’t based on musicals.  They were based on movies that then became video games and then became musicals.  Could this be one of the (million) reasons that the Disney shows trounce others at the BO?  We all know that the brands are powerful before they come in to town, and this is certainly one of the elements of building that brand.
  • I agreed with so many of you who said the best shot we have at penetrating this market is in some sort of karaoke/video game.  BG commented about an “Broadway Hero” game instead of “Guitar Hero”.  I likey.
  • Looks like Lord Lloyd Webber may have beat us to the bunch of that one.  Braden and Paul sent links to this article about upcoming games on Cats and Phantom where you have to sing for your roles.  I would have preferred an action based Phantom game, but whatev.
  • Here’s a link from Gil to info on a homemade Les Miz game.  Unfortunately, it, like the Disney movies, was not inspired from the musical.  It’s a tribute to the book.  But hey, any branding of the title helps, right?
  • One reader has this thought . . . why not a musical based on a video game?  Super Mario Brothers The Musical anyone?
  • And finally, here’s a link if you want to download the Altar Boyz game I told you about, built by former employee and reader Matthew Smith.  Sinners, beware . . .

Thanks to everyone for all the cool comments.  And a reminder to the rest of you that the comments section on each entry is the place to be.  I’m lucky enough to have some smart readers so check out what people are saying and post your own.

Now, why do I have a strong desire to power up my X-Box for the first time in 6 months?

  • I do not know of any complete video game musicals in the US*, but the first musical I attempted to write (in ninth grade, i.e. circa 1998) was based on Tekken. It didn’t work out, although I got as far as a complete outline of the first act and a few sets of lyrics.
    *There’s been at least one in Japan, based on the Sakura Taisen series (neither game nor musical has ever made it to the States.)

  • Aaron says:

    Super Mario Brothers the musial- TOTALLY possible. Check out this guy from youtube. He plays all the songs on an electric guitar. Might be weird to write lyrics for it all but its certainly not impossible. You could even make it interactive- someone in the audience has the controller for Mario and another for Luigi.


    or my personal favorite- the beatboxing flute that plays Mario Brothers 🙂

    But it looks like someone already tried…

    ( I have too much time on my hands)

  • BG says:

    Contact me anytime for more ideas on this issue. I am actually exploring video games for a children’s brand based on an interactive show my partner and I are bringing to NYC in the near future.

  • Gil says:

    There was in fact a SUPER MARIO – THE OPERA…
    (I happen to know a little too much about the crossover of video games and musicals.)

  • You wrote a musical Based on Tekken?
    Thats awesome man!!!

  • Gil says:

    The link I sent to the Les Mis game was… well, there’s 2 Les Mis Games, #1 is based on a book, #2 is based on the musical (with the musical’s costumes). The link I sent was to a page on #1 that talked about #2.

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