Today is World Theatre Day: Here’s How To Celebrate.

Who knew?

Today is World Theatre Day, which began in . . . are you ready for this?  1961!
Here’s a blurb about it from the TCG website:

World Theatre Day was created in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute, and is celebrated annually on March 27 by ITI Centers and the international theatre community, with the reading of a World Theatre Day Message and various national and international theatre events being organized to mark this occasion.

You can celebrate by including the message at a performance you’re doing, joining the FB group, following WTD tweets, and by checking out the official blog.
But here’s how I recommend you celebrate, and it’s simple, and fun.
  • Pick a show, any show (Broadway, Off, Off-Off, Regional Community or High School) that you were NOT already planning to see.
  • Go see that show tonight!
  • Bring a friend that normally wouldn’t go to the theater.
  • Come back to this blog and tell everyone what you saw.

Your birthday isn’t the same without cake.  4th of July just isn’t the same without fireworks.

And World Theatre Day isn’t the same without a show.
What’s cool is that the right shows can be like eating cake and watching fireworks all at the same time.
Enjoy the day!
  • Richard says:

    A capital suggestion! I will immodest enough to add another: make like Mickey and Judy and put on a show in your garage or living room. Or better yet, use both: you can mount My Fair Lady, and use the garage floor for the ballroom scene.
    Actually–there’s an idea for the next interactive show. The premise is putting on My Fair Lady…it actually could be very, very funny. I pick MFL in particular because it happens to be one of the very few musicals to have a very strong book-great depth with all kinds of opportunities for craziness.
    No, not putting on MFL. It’s intermission, and the principals have been taken ill with food poisoning. It’s about quickly casting replacements on putting on the second act. I see all kinds of possibilities. “Excuse me, do we have any Hungarians in the house?”

  • Vance says:

    Does it count if I wanted to see it but didn’t think I could make it? I had just arrived in London and in the end, I managed to grab last minute tickets to Three Days of Rain with my local friend here!

  • OMG I was born on the International Theatre Day. It’s a sign! 🙂

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