A Beepin’ Follow-Up on Followin’ Tweets.

Last week I blogged about keeping an eye on what people are saying/typing/tweeting about you in the social media space.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon (pun intended) a site that I’ve fallen in geek-love with, that I have to tell/type/tweet you about.
Check out TweetBeep, which is exactly like Google Alerts but for Twitter.  Sign up, enter your keywords, and TweetBeep will email you every hour if you’d like, letting you know if anyone has tweeted your keyword.
An example?  TweetBeep just sent me a note letting me know that the Bristol Riverside Theatre in Bristol, PA just had this to tweet:

Hopes you enjoyed that BEAUTIFUL weekend! The cast of ALTAR BOYZ arrives in Bristol this Friday! We can’t wait!

TweetBeep is so fast, you’ll be able to find your ambassdors in the social media space before . . . well, before they can come up with the next Twitter.  I mean, Friendster, anyone?  MySpace?
Will we be wondering what happened to Facebook someday?
If you have a third party app to share, that helps you keep in touch with your social media-ites, comment below!
  • ron says:

    I had been using TweetBeep, but they had some site reliability issues (in particularly Dec-Jan and again in Feb) earlier this year. I am now using TweetLater.com for the same purpose — plus — the ability to set-up tweets in advance to be broadcast from one (or many) Twitter accounts at a designated time. Follow me on Twitter: @roncasalotti

  • I made a graphic from a screenshot to answer the question you pose and threw it up on my blog. My fave desktop app for twitter and searching on twitter and even facebook, is Seesmic Desktop. Its awesome. Here’s my graphic on my blog: http://textingwhiledriving.blogspot.com/2009/05/why-seesmic-desktop-rocks.html

  • I just signed up for TweetBeep and am loving it already. Helps me stay on top of topics I need to know are being discussed. Great find. I use TwitterSearch too, but TweetBeep is more helpful in terms of getting e-mail alerts and RSS feeds.

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