America loves stories of underdogs.

And so does the rest of the world.

Check out Great Britain’s underdog here, Ms. Susan Boyle, who has pulled in a stunning 9 million views on the UTube in only the last couple of days . . . and counting!
Oh, and while you’re watching, make sure you take note of the audience response at the end.
That’s the kind of response you want for the underdog in your story.

Thanks to Bruce L. for the nudge.

You know what else is cool about Susan?

1.  She sang a musical theater tune (like Les Miz need another 9,000,000 views)

2.  She said she wanted a career like Elaine Paige, a musical theater star, not a career like Madonna.

Do you think she’s gotten an offer to play Mama Morton in Chicago yet?

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  • Will says:

    I’m wondering what people think—how does Susan Boyle’s singing stack up against that of musical theater professionals?

  • Kile Ozier says:

    …and, speaking of audience response…
    …and the ubiquity and concomitant devaluation of the Standing O…
    IMHO, the ovation that Susan Boyle received was an authentic, rare, standing O. When an audience leaps to it’s collective feet without a thought, due to having been so moved or excited by a performance that nothing less than the full respect and approbation communicated by standing is even considerable: THAT is a standing O.
    A friend of mine’s grandmother told him, when he was young, that “…we are given ten standing ovations to use, in our lifetime; so be very careful and clear as to when you use them…” A perspective, the underlying philosophy of which I completely embrace….though we may have one or two more than ten, given the amount of theatre and performance one is fortunate enough to experience in one’s lifetime…
    The simple fact that one paid $100 or more and had a nice time is not a good reason to stand; even though it’s great to tell everyone that “…there was a standing ovation at our performance…” Okay, I’m ranting. I think my point is made.

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