I got laughed at today.

Here’s how it went down:

I mentioned a marketing idea to someone.  And right after it came out of my mouth, I watched as a smile slowly started to snake across my “friend’s” face.

The world seemed to slow down for a few seconds, as the smile opened up, and the laughter began.  You know how a laugh sounds in slow motion?  All deep and reverby and scary?  Yep, that’s how it sounded.  Just like that.

And it was like that laugh reached out and clocked me upside the head as if to say, “Whatta ya, crazy?  You can’t do that.”

It was almost enough to make me apologize for ever saying the idea out loud in the first place.


See, the way I think of it is . . . if someone laughs at something I say, or if someone says, “you can’t do that,”  or if someone calls me crazy . . .  that’s exactly the moment when I know I’m on to something . . . big.

And that’s when I know I have to do it.


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