What’s The Buzz from The Theater Bloggers’ Social?

Thanks to the 30 plus Theater Bloggers who showed up at Planet Hollywood yesterday for the first Theater Bloggers Social!

We had a great time, discussing everything from the upcoming awards season (can N2N or 9:5 threaten that giant-sized kid, Billy Elliot?) to the rise and fall of the newspaper (will Seth Godin’s prediction that “there will be no significant newspapers printed on newsprint in the US by 2012” come true?) and the difference between theatre with an RE and theater with an ER (“RE is the art, ER is the building,” was one concise answer).
Oh, and we ate a lot of Chicken Crunch.
For those of you who aren’t bloggers . . . become one and come to the next social.
Because I guarantee, something cool is gonna come from this group.

Stay tuned.












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