From Google: Ticketing tactics in a tough economy.

One of the benefits of giving Google gaggles of cash each month is that you get access to a team of googlites that have access to more data than you could ever dream about.
And they share it.
So I’m going to share it with you.
Here’s an email I got from my Google Entertainment Team with a bullet point list of what to do in times like these . . . and frankly, anytime.

Making Greater Impact With Less Investment

The impact of the current economic slowdown has shown a ripple effect across numerous industries. Ticketers are not immune – the industry continues to see volatility in both Broadway and sporting event ticket sales, while concert sales remain strong.  Maximizing return on investment is an important priority for everyone.  In response, we have compiled a quick list of tactics that can help you deliver results to support your ROI goals:

    • Effectiveness and Efficiency Always Drive Value.  Use data-driven insights to guide your marketing messages and outgoing media strategies.  Google tools like Insights for Search and Ad Planner can help you keep an eye on emerging trends.
    • Target the Right Customers. New technology allows you to reach audiences with increasing granularity, yet still at scale. Now more than ever, it’s important to translate consumer insight into targeting precision.
    • Measure, Optimize and Repeat.  Use measurement tools to better understand what is working and how to make adjusts that can lead to improved results.  57% of online advertisers have used site analytics to evaluate their campaigns, but only 38% have used the data to inform their next steps. Don’t just store findings – use information on consumer behavior and ROI to optimize campaign performance.

Due to the challenges we all face in today’s economy, Google recently launched Measuring Up in a Downturn, a site comprised of additional strategies and Google tools – many free – that can help you achieve your ROI goals.

Thanks Goog – for keeping us on track (and for keeping us spending money with you, of course).
Do check out that Insights for Search site.  You can see search trends over years of any phrase you want:  Broadway, Off-Broadway, Your Name (you know you want to).
You can also figure out things like this . . .

The Top Rising Google Searches (past 30 days) in Category: Ticket Sales

  1. dane cook
  2. no doubt
  3. ncaa tickets
  4. dave matthews tickets
  5. dave matthews
  6. dave matthews band
  7. nickelback
  8. live nation tickets
  9. george strait
  10. yankee stadium
Yikes.  After reading this list, I figure I have two choices:
A)  Give up theater because there isn’t a Broadway show on the list
B)  Go see if Dave Matthews wants to do a musical!
Thanks again, Google.
  • Adam says:

    You’re thinking too small. Where’s your inner Barnum? You need to get Matthews to challenge Dane Cook to a little H-O-R-S-E at Yankee Stadium while you play Nickelback on the PA. THAT’s an event! And don’t forget to license the PPV rights.

  • Patti Ann says:

    if you got dave matthews to do a musical, i might die happy.

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