A Graphic Design book about Broadway.

I e-stumbled upon a nugget of an interview recently with Barry Weissler, the Producer of the phenom known as Chicago, and Drew Hodges, the head of Spotco, one of the powerhouses in the theatrical advertising world, which handles Chicago.

What’s interesting about this interview is that it’s not in the theatre section of the NY Times. It’s not on Broadway.com or in American Theatre. It’s from a book called The Graphic Designer’s Guide to Clients:  How to Make Clients Happy and Do Great Work by Ellen Shapiro.
What’s also interesting is that the interview was done years ago, and features questions like, “How important is it for a show to have a website today?” as well as insights into how both Drew and Barry, two of the best in the biz, approach the creation of art for a show.
And with Google Books, you can read it without buying it.
Read here.  (p. 171)

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