At the Broadway League conference: Day 3/What is Web 2.0 and how do we use it?

If there was a theme at this Spring’s conference it was Web 2.0 and the following questions:

– What are the essential Web 2.0 tools in a modern theatrical marketing plan?
– How do we use and then track those tools?
– How we do we turn all those “friends” and “followers” into buyers?

In one of the best panels I’ve ever witnessed at a League conference (or at any conference, for that matter), Victor Hamburger, Chris Szalaj, and Sean Zehnder stepped the listeners through the basics of Web 2.0 components and strategy.

What was so great about the panel and why did it differ from so many others?

Because instead of the standard Powerpoint presentation that accompanies most of these ‘talks,’ these guys put their Powerpoint into a fully functioning website so all of the conference attendees could take it home with them.

And so I could share it with you.

They understand that sharing this information amplifies the theatrical conversations going on around the world, which only helps all of us.

So check out their custom site,, which has everything from a glossary of terms, to basic social media strategy, to that very Powerpoint presentation that inspired it all.  It’s pretty crazy awesome for those of you with questions on how to effectively use 2.0 for your shows.

It may seem a bit ironic that such a crucial 2.0 conversation was occurring about 5 years after the term was first coined (and probably a year away from web 3.0 , and 2 years from what I call World Wide Webile, which is the exact same web experience on a phone as on a computer), but such is our biz. We’re always a bit behind (partly because of our complacency, and partly because our audiences are not exactly early adopters of this technology).

But with more speakers like these guys, and sites like theirs, we just may catch up.


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