Overheard at Angus: Volume IV

There I sat at a local theater watering hole, pondering my Tony picks, when I noticed a pretty high-powered agent and a pretty high powered Producer, sitting down to share a drink and some dirt.

The Producer was off to see a play.  The agent had seen it.  And . . . scene:

Producer:  Listen, I’ve gotta run.  I’m seeing XXXXX tonight.Agent:  Oh yeah?  I saw it last week.

Producer:  Any good?

Agent:  The performances are excellent.

Producer:  Oh.

Agent:  What?

Producer:  You ever been set up on a blind date?

Agent:  Sure.

Producer:  I asked you if you thought the show was any good.  You told me the the performances were excellent.

Agent:  So?

Producer:  That’s like saying someone has a good personality when I ask what they look like.

And . . . scene.

– – – – –

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