The game on Broadway has changed. by game, I mean traffic.  And by Broadway, I mean the actual street.

The picture in this post is of Broadway (que Ripley).  Those are chairs down there.  And people sitting in them . . . in the middle of the street, where taxi cabs and City Sights buses once fought for the same slice of the street.
No more, thanks to Mayor Bloomberg.  Traffic is now closed on Broadway from 47th to 42nd street and the street is a a big pedestrian mall.
And since a chunk of that real estate saddles up against the TKTS booth, you can bet that it’s going to affect ticket sales. But how?
  • There will be more room for pedestrians to walk, talk and interact, therefore the importance of a great street team is even greater than it has been in the last 12 months.
  • The importance and value of outdoor advertising in Times Square (billboards, etc.)  just went up, as more pedestrians should flock to the area (and if those chairs stay, so will the pedestrians, soaking up a much stronger impression from that advertising).
  • How people physically approach the booth is going to change, and so should booth business, as more people will be simply walking closer to it.  More people in closer proximity puts more pressure on the the booth promoter for your show (yes, I’m sorry to say, but those many people that stand by the TKTS boards and shout, “Any questions?  Anyone need help,” are actually being paid by specific shows to “guide” you towards the right decision (which is the the show they are being paid by).

The environment has changed.

And that means there’s a new opportunity.  It’s your job to find it.
(BTW, I’m predicting grassed over streets in Times Square in 10 years or less.  And nothing will make me happier.  Thanks, Bloomie.  I’m sorry your congestion pricing didn’t pass, but this is a great alternative.)
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