The theater bloggers of the world have spoken . . .

Remember that time when all of the theater bloggers got in a room at Planet Hollywood to blab about blogging?

Well, we did more than chat and eat chicken crunch that day.  In fact, that was the very first meeting of the ITBA, or Independent Theater Bloggers Association, a group of the most passionate theater bloggers on the web.

The bloggers in that room knew that the online media world was changing with every keystroke, especially since every day we seem to lose another theatrical writer from the traditional media world.  Therefore, we felt it was important to gather together formally in order to provide some organization to the ever-evolving theatrical blogoshpere.

We also wanted to recognize excellence in the three distinct areas of the theater that we write about:  Broadway, Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway.

So, the ITBA was formed and today, it announced the winners of the 2008-2009 ITBA Awards for Excellence in seven categories.

Visit the website today to see the winners, but make sure you check back in a few weeks.  In true new media style, we’re not having an actual awards ceremony . . . we’re going to have a virtual one.  We’ll be posting video acceptance speeches shortly.

Congrats to the winners!

To learn more about the ITBA, visit

Oh, and I know I promised another blog about the recent Broadway season for today, but we had to interrupt the previously scheduled program for the above special announcement.  More data about the last 11 weeks of Broadway grosses tomorrow.- – – – –

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  • Why is it that people seem to think that theatre only exists in New York? After all, there is excellent regional theatre across the country, and it benefits just as much by the regional theatre bloggers. So where is that fourth area of the theatre: regional?

  • Look for regional citations next year, when we have more members like yourself (you should join) that can see shows from across the country! It wasn’t a slight at all . . . purely a logistical issue in the first year.

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