A documentary on a Producer who does just a bit of directing as well.

Before Hal Prince directed some of the greatest shows Broadway has ever seen, he was producing them.  And before that he was stage managing them.  And before that . . .

If you want to hear the rest of Hal’s story and how he came to be one of the greatest forces in the modern theater, there’s a new documentary on Hal’s life and contributions coming up on OvationTV.  You can learn more about it here.

Oh, and by the way, besides stage managing and producing and directing and winning 21 Tony Awards (I mean, come on, 21???), he also gives the best advice.
Watch the doc, and then I also suggest you read his terrific biography.
Because you can’t be President without knowing Lincoln, Washington and Kennedy.
And you can’t be a Producer without knowing Prince.
– – – – –

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