An article about Social Media.

In case you didn’t get my tweet last week, here’s a link to an article I was asked to write for Mashable about Broadway and social media.

Special thanks to Mashable for having me. It’s always an honor to be asked to be a part of a community that is outside of our little theater world bubble.  Broadway is such an insular industry, but we’ve got more in common with other folks than we think.  And the uber-smart folks at Mash (Thanks Sharon, Adam and Pete) understand that.
Speaking of social media, Typepad, my blog host, has changed its setup in the last few weeks, which could use some ‘plaining:
If you want to share any of my blogs on social media (facebook, twitter, technorati, et. al), click on that blue “share” link with the green and white less-than sign next to it at the bottom of any of my posts.  A box will pop up with all of the social media options and you can share away (and thanks in advance for that).
And another nod of thanks to the Mashers.

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