Look what else has changed in Times Square!

The roads aren’t the only thing that have been altered in the center of our city.
I snapped this photo from the top of the TKTSteps this morning.


How long do you think it will be until all the billboards in Times Square are video?  Very Blade Runner, don’t you think?


Video is not only taking over Online, it’s taking over Outdoor.  Expect this baby to reproduce like rabbits in the next 12 months.


And expect video bus sides next.
  • Producer/Marketer says:

    Have to disagree with you on this point. Video doesn’t give itself to large outdoor displays, especially moving displays like those on buses.
    Spot/Serino have been trying to get clients to get a TV spot on that board in your photo for the last year and a half with no luck. Problem is that its not static but a rotating ad, doesn’t produce sound unless you text-in a number, and doesn’t “pop” like most outdoor billboards.
    Those street teams with the videos on their backs – horrible. You can’t see the video when in the sun, the picture is too small to even see a logo or actor, and there isn’t sound. Plus in the 5 seconds I see these people I’m not going to stop and watch their backs. These problems would be the same with bus sides.
    I’m all about new technology but this is one that won’t evolve dramatically as you state. Static billboards, as old school as they are, are still a great advertising medium and will be for decades.

  • Alli H. says:

    I think it will take off. Once the tech glitches get sorted out, of course. But of all the billboards in TS I bet this is the one people remember. People look at screens, or rather, images on screens that move. They’ll keep their eye on this one longer than they will any other. Esp since TS is now more pedestrian friendly, and people are hanging out there.
    It’s like the scrolling bus sides! We’ll adapt.

  • Richard says:

    Well, of course. We have a society and a government that believe that access to television is a necessity, for goodness’ sake. God forbid you go without a voucher to purchase a digital converter box for your television.
    I don’t think we’ve ever had a a product in our history that, so unessential, became considered so essential.
    It’s become almost fashionable to say that you don’t read.
    So, of course there will be video everywhere. Anything else is just passe.

  • John P. says:

    Ken- We already have video on bus sides. Saw one on the M23 at 8th Ave about a month ago!

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