Was there ever a more theatrical performer?

From his moonwalkin‘ tipping point to his mini-musical, Thriller (soon to be a full fledged musical), to his performance in The Wiz . . . I don’t think the world has ever seen such a man as Michael.

The tragedy of his death is only overshadowed by the tragedy of the last several years of his life, when he seemed so compelled to be that performer, on and off the stage.
The words “rest in peace” were made for Michael Jackson.
  • Amen. Very well put, Ken.

  • Richard says:

    I wasn’t going to write anything since, well, everyone has such strong positive feelings, I’ll either be vilified or I’ll just feel bad for throwing water on the party, but…
    I never “got” Michael Jackson. When I look at the energy that animates the little I saw, all I see is technical smoothness and rhythm. I don’t get any emotion, I don’t get anything that speaks to me. It seems almost as if he found a new way to combine musical technology to speak to a generation in a language that they grew up with.
    I would rather see Ricky Martin dance over Michael Jackson any day. I would rather hear Brian Stokes Mitchell sing over Michael Jackson any day.
    And the sensibility that he gave off: it reminds me of the energy that male teen idols give off. That’s fine when you’re 15. But when you’re 30? It never changed. Why females would sob at his concerts and males would look up to him is completely lost on me.
    But then, I’m still waiting for revivals of The Music Box Revue of 1921, The Ziegfeld Follies of 1927, and Hellzapoppin, so what do I know? Paging Clifton Webb and Charlotte Greenwood…!

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