A “Will It Recoup” update.

The recoupment of Blithe reminded me that it was time to check in with our “Will It Recoup” contest and see what shows have made money and what shows haven’t.

Do you still have a shot at the iPhone?  Here’s how the horse race to recoupment looks so far:



SHOW                         DID IT (OR WILL IT) RECOUP?

33 Variations 
Impressionism            NO
Blithe Spirit                 YES
God of Carnage          YES
Exit The King              NO
Irena’s Vow                 NO
Reasons to be . . .      NO
Mary Stuart                TBD
Norman Conquests    NO

2 recouped shows out of 9 is just above the 1 out of 5 constantly
quoted average.  Come on, Mary Stuart, let’s really beat the averages!  You
can do it!  You just gotta believe and clap your hands real hard (oh
wait, sorry, wrong show).

So that’s how the horses look as they round the bend for the final furlong.  How are you faring in this Fantasy Broadway Investment game?  Would you be making money?  Is there an iPhone 3S in your future?  (I love mine, by the way.  I hate AT&T, but I love my phone.)

Comment below if you think there have been any surprises so far.

Oh, and how did I get this info?  I have my sources . . . and one of them is the NY Times (thanks for doing the leg work, guys).


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