Fun on a Friday with sign language.

If you haven’t seen Michael DiMartino’s YouTube vids, then you’ve been missing out.  And when I say “seen”, that’s all that I mean, because you don’t even have to hear them to enjoy them.

Michael is a sign language interpreter based in the city who has been creating original ‘signed’ music vids of popular songs. He’s done Britney’s “Womanizer”, Clarkson’s “Addicted”, Busta’s “Break Ya Neck” and lots more (his unique videos had been viewed more than 250,000 times, before his account got hacked and he had to start over).

The Director of Altar Boyz spotted Michael online and thought it would be fun to have him do something for our show.  After all, Britney’s got nothing on Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abe.

An email or two later, and behold . . . Michael DiMartino signs “Rhythm in Me” from Altar Boyz, with a guest appearance from the Boyz in the video below.

Enjoy.  And if you want to learn how Michael does it, he’ll be schooling us all on how to sign, live and in person, at our next Altarholics Appreciation Day on July 19th.  To learn more, visit and scroll down.  All the info is there, along with a pretty fancy discount.

Sometimes marketing ideas come from the most unlikely of places.  In fact, sometimes, you need someone to spell it out for you.

To see the rest of Michael’s vids, visit his YT channel here.

  • Miriam Gardin says:

    This is one of the most brilliant marketing schemes I’ve ever seen! Congrats. Would love to hear more about the logistics of it.

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