Want to know what you’re most interested in?

I stare at stats like some people stare at art.

Recently, I was looking at some numbers from my blog (like they were painted by French Impressionists or something), and I clicked through to the list of my most read entries.

I found it interesting, so I’m publishing the list below.  It’ll give you a sense of what the readers are interested in (it certainly showed me a thing or two).  And if you’re a new reader, this list will give you a chance to catch up on some of the more read stuff you might have missed without you having to click through until your fingers fall off.

So here they are . .  the top 10 most widely read blogs from TPP:

10.  Are Discounts Eroding Our Ticket Sales?
9.  People Are Talking About You Behind Your Back And Now You Can Listen
8.  Exactly Who Goes To Broadway Shows Anyway?
7.  Exactly Who Goes To Broadway Touring Shows Anyway?
6.  How To Get A Producer To Read Your Script.
5.  Do Tony Nominators and Voters Really Forget The Fall?
4.  I’ve Seen The Future of Ticketing
3.  Where Creative Teams Earn Their Stripes
2.  Favorite Quotes Volume XV – My Response To Jeremy Piven’s Departure
1.  10 Audition Tips for Actors

  • Tom Atkins says:

    That’s really interesting. Suggests that many of your readers are writers, actors, non-producers looking for “The Producer’s Perspective”. Fun.

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