I have nothing to say.

From the NY TImes:  Arbitrator Rules In Favor of Jeremy Piven in ‘Speed The Plow’ Dispute.

Well, that ends that.

Since this post is so short, I thought I’d introduce a new feature on The Producer’s Perspective called ‘Summer Movie’, where we highlight the success or lack thereof of a summer motion picture.

For our first edition, we’re going to focus on a film called The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard which featured a very interesting cast.

And that very interesting cast conjured up a sickly 29% on the RottenTomatoes.com tote board.

Uh-oh.  This just in.  Due to an unexplained illness, this will be the first and last edition of our new feature, ‘Summer Movie’.

  • Damn funny. Perhaps there needs to be a new definition of the term “arbitration.” Although the ruling certainly seems arbitrary. But don’t worry, what goes around comes around….

  • B Teasley says:

    I assume somebody has already left a dead fish on Mr. Piven’s doorstep?

  • Ashley says:

    What you forgot to mention is that the movie has already made it’s money back and then some. No matter what random people are saying on some website, it’s making money… And, why are you so hard on Jeremy Piven? Your show still recouped and then some! And, some great talent replaced him. I just don’t understand why you have to be quite so mad at him.

  • Aileen says:

    Respectfully, in answer to your question regarding Piven, I believe it has something and everything to do with integrity ––of honoring the piece of work – beyond the money, beyond the contract. To paraphrase from A League of Their Own: “There’s no whining on Broadway!!!”

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