Nude photos of Broadway star revealed!

Made ya look.

Last week, rumors of another set of Vanessa Hudgens pix hit the web.

It made me proud.
No, no, not like that . . .
It made me proud that despite the high profile nature of our industry and the people in it, we’ve never had anything like the pix and video scandals that have hit Hollywood, hit our shores.
Maybe that’s because not enough people care about what our people do in their private lives. ¬†Some people might argue that that’s a bad thing.
Or maybe, our audiences actually do care . . . about the stuff that actually matters.
  • Well, you’ve never had a nudity scandal hit one of your shows, but didn’t ticket sales for the Mamet revival shoot up after the Jeremy Piven – mercury scandal? Gross hubris isn’t nudity, but the sad fact is that scandal almost always helps ticket sales, and I’m certain those for “Bandslam” will increase b/c of the latest VH pix.

  • Steve says:

    I think you’re probably right about all this. The public thinks of Hollywood first. Then sports. Then Washington. But theater… Theater… Uh…
    Also, I’m pleased my Halloween costume from so long ago is still getting airplay.

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