I’m not on their List yet, but at least I’m on their website!

I was asked to write a byline for Forbes that was published this week.  It’s about how I believe one of the greatest challenges for entrepreneurs is finding time to continue creating once their business has gotten off the ground.

This challenge is an especially tough one for theater producers because launching a product is only the beginning.  Getting it to run, and run, and run, takes time and energy, which prevents you from creating new product.

Forbes wanted some of my tips on how to make sure you focus on the important stuff.

Read the article here.

When Forbes asked me to write the article, I told them I didn’t want to be paid…I just wanted the personal emails of all the people on their Big List.  Investor jackpot, right?  What’s a 15 million dollar musical to someone worth a billion bucks!?!

For some reason, they refused to give me the emails.

That’s too bad for those Big Listers, because I’d add some bucks to those billions!  Come on, Christy Walton, you Wal-Mart heiress, you.  Wanna have some fun on Broadway?


  • Stephen says:

    Congratulations Ken. When you make that first billion dollars, I want first crack at booking a billionaire for speaking engagements. I never said exclusive, just a first right of refusal. Can I count on you?
    Well done.

  • I so love your chutzpah which is often lacking in so many…if you want something, ask for it – No is NOT that powerful a word !

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