It’s back. And it’s bigger than before.

For all of you out there that say theater is too expensive, this post is for you:  20at20 is back!

The twice-yearly $20 ticket promotion starts up again on September 8th, 6 days from today and runs for only 13 days.  This Fall, there are 26 Off-Broadway shows participating!  Woo-woo!

For details on the promotion, which is brought to you by The Off-Broadway Theater Alliance and a whole bunch of awesome partners, visit

Go see shows.  And no more complaining about cost, because there is some awesome stuff out there, from Fuerzabruta, Toxic Avenger, and yes, my partners would punch me if I didn’t also mention that my three shows are also participating.

Oh, and a little tip that not too many people know about.  Sometimes we get amazing $20 ticket offers from Broadway shows throughout the year.  So, when you visit to pick the shows you’re going to see this fall, make sure you sign up to the mailing list.  There were some very happy campers last year that got a couple of incredible surprises in their inbox that were so good, I can’t even talk about them.

Enjoy the savings and the shows!

  • RLewis says:

    Gosh, I hope that everyone clicks on this link and looks at these shows. Seriously, W T F happened to Off Broadway? These are almost all stunt shows.
    Anyone remember when you could see Sister Mary Ignatius, The Dinning Room, ‘Night Mother, A…My Name is Alice, A Soldier’s Play, Edmond, Driving Miss Daisy, Fool for Love, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, and more – all in unlimited OB runs?
    Is no one producing today’s version of these terrific playwrights? It’s making me miss the early ‘80s. I’m so sad now.

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