More news . . . and this one about a “future” show.

The “Q-Move” wasn’t the only thing in the news yesterday.

I was thrilled to announce yesterday that the creative team is set for my musical adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novel and subsequent movie, Somewhere In Time.
I am incredibly excited to be working with the legend that is Richard Matheson (who literally wrote, I Am Legend), as well as two incredibly creative Canucks:  Stafford Arima, who will direct, and Leslie Arden, who will write both music and lyrics.
If you’ve seen the movie, but haven’t read the book, you should.  There are some big differences.  Here’s one:  in the book, the main character of Richard Collier (played by Christopher Reeve in the film), is dying of a brain tumor.
I asked Mr. Matheson why they removed that very important plot point from the movie.  He told me that Somewhere In Time was Chris’s first movie after Superman (I thought it was so cool that he called him Chris).  “His agents didn’t want him to do my movie. But he really wanted to do it.  They finally let him . . . but on one condition.  They told him that Superman couldn’t be sick.  He couldn’t be dying.  So we took it out.”
Now, will he be dying in the musical?  Good question . . .
A huge thank you to all of the composers and lyricists who submitted materials for the project.

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