Podcast away!

I’m featured on the this week’s American Theatre Wing podcast, Downstage Center.

You can listen in here.
It’s a fun one.  You can hear me talk about “The Trekkies of Broadway” (I was one of them).
Special thanks to Howard Sherman for having me on the program.
  • This is a definate “woo-hoo”. I’m a big fan of Downstage Center, and are so happy they are back after an over 9 month hiatus. I enjoy your contributions to the Broadway Bullet podcast, so having you on Downstage Center should be great. It will give me something to listen to and enjoy as I fly from LA to Baltimore on Tuesday!

  • Scott Rice says:

    I too have been a longtime listener of DSC, and am so glad it’s back and that they finally had you as a guest! Really great episode too. Now whenn are you going to be on “Working in the Theatre”?? 😉

  • I’ve been lobbying for the return of Downstage Center all through it’s too long hiatus. It’s a terrific show and you were terrific on it—insightful and inspiring. Albest, jan

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