Favorite Quotes Vol. XXIII: Only in New York. Kids.

Here’s some fun for a Friday:

I was getting my hair cut yesterday, and I found myself in the chair next to a talkative tween.

At one point, I was staring down at my iPhone, cursing AT&T, wondering how in the heck I could not have any service in the middle of Manhattan, when the tween screamed.

We’re talking a Halloween is coming, blood curdling, “I See Dead People” scream.

Everyone in the salon turned to look at her just in time to see her start to cry.  And cry. Her eyes were like sprinklers, and someone had obviously pulled the tween alarm.

“What’s the matter?” said the stylist.

The tween was staring straight in the mirror.  For the first time, she caught a glimpse of her new haircut.

“It’s too short!  What happened to my hair?  I hate it!!!”

The rest of us in the salon smirked.  It was sort of sweet (sort of).  Here was a kid that thought she got a bad haircut and wasn’t afraid to tell the stylist exactly how she felt.

The stylist tried to calm her, as did everyone else in the place.

“It looks great, hon.  You look so pretty.  It’s not too short.  It’s so stylish!  You’re adorable!”

“No, no, you don’t understand, ” said the tween.  “I’m going to have to get a whole new headshot now!”

Now there’s something I’d never hear if I were getting my haircut in Sturbridge!

  • Ben says:

    Yes. The great New York City is the only place where anyone has any use for a headshot.

  • Ed says:

    I cried while getting a haircut once- I was ten, and my Dad dropped me off at the barber’s and told me to ask for a ‘summer cut’ without explaining to me what that was (apparently, a euphemism for a total buzz cut). Of course I figured it out….right after the barber had passed the point of no return (which happens really early in a buzz cut) and they had to finish the cut or I’d look completely bizarre. Of course, as I suspected, the finished cut looked awful on me anyway. I was furious with my dad, and that wound up being one of the crappiest summers of my life.
    Ah, childhood trauma.

  • Abagail O says:

    Ha! Amazingly I thought the same thing when I had my hairstyle changed. Even in the south, you know a big change means a new head shot. But poor girl, it’s nothing to cry about!

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