Nobody puts Baby Wants Candy in a corner.

If you’ve never seen a fully improvised musical by a cracker-jack improvisational team, then you’re missing out on one of the greatest achievements of mankind.

Putting a man on the moon, splitting the atom, and creating an hour-long musical based on one random title suggested by an audience; these are the things that separate us from the animals.

We all know creating a great musical can take years and years of development (and frankly, sometimes creating a crappy musical takes years and years of development).  So for those of us who have been in the business of creating a musical from scratch, there is nothing more fun than watching a musical come together right before your eyes . . . especially when the writers/actors/lyricists are Baby Wants Candy.

Baby Wants Candy is an improv team out of Chicago that specializes in this unique art form.  Lucky for you, they’re at the Barrow Street Theatre on Saturdays for the next month or so.  And doubly-lucky for you, this engagement features this guy.

I went on Saturday.  Did I like it?

Let’s just say this:  I’ve lived in NYC for 18 years now.  I’ve seen a lot of readings of new musicals.  What I saw on Saturday was a lot more fun than so many of the shows I’ve seen. And they had scripts!

Check it out.  You’ll laugh.  And maybe you’ll be inspired to write.  Because if they can write something in one hour, certainly all of us can finish what we’re working on in one month, right?

If you want to save some money on tickets for BWC, check out the discount area on

  • What a blow to read your blog today. I am member of “Broadway’s Next Hit Musical”, a fully improvised musical comedy, which is the latest incarnation of “The Next Big Broadway Musical!”, which was NYC’s original and award-winning improvised show. BNHM has had three short runs in the past year, at two different venues, and wraps up its current run this Friday at The Triad. I have seen Baby Wants Candy, and I say the more musical improvisation happening here in the City, the better. But, I guess I was surprised to learn that you knew about them and not about BNHM. So, kudos to BWC for getting it right with their production. BNHM has clearly had a tougher time building its audience without wearing out its loyal fans. I hope that people who love BWC will take a chance on the original, too.

  • Robert, welcome to my world. 🙂
    Only one hour? The Winter Park Playhouse (Winter Park, FL) just presented FourPlay (the Improvised Musical) in which four improv actors, a pianist and a drummer created a fully improvised two-act, two-hour musical. (Full disclosure – I’m the pianist.) Maybe WE’LL get to play the NYMIF next year. 🙂
    Still, as Robert says, thanks for highlighting BWC and musical improv. The more the better! At least our excuse for not being known in NYC is that we’re in central FL. 😀

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