Gotta problem with star casting? Talk to Hugh Jackman.

I’m one of the lucky folk that got a couple of tickets to see A Steady Rain, and to be honest, that’s only because I’m a Tony Voter. If I weren’t a TV, I’m not sure I would have even tried to score seats to what is one of the most difficult tickets of the decade.

(I mean, each one of these guys could have sold out a play on their own. Sort of seems like a waste having them in the same play!)

At the end of this 90 minute Hunk-O-Mania, Hugh stopped the thunderous ovation to begin his BC/EFA fundraising speech.

He started it with this question . . .

“How many of you are here tonight seeing your very first Broadway show?”

At least 100 hands shot up.

Star casting has taken a lot of swipes over the years, and believe me, I’ve had my issue with a number of no-talents that have struggled their way through a Broadway play or musical.

But the right stars could be doing more to develop new audiences than we could ever do on our own.

What happened after Hugh’s question?  He and Daniel proceeded to live-auction-off signed t-shirts and backstage visits and photos, all to benefit BC/EFA.  They raised over $20k in about 10 minutes.

Thanks for joining us on Broadway, guys.  And thanks for your incredible generosity to the community.

Today’s audiences are lucky to have you . . . and so are tomorrow’s.

  • I think more actors should take a look at Hugh Jackman when they do commit to doing anything on Broadway or London or any other live theater commitment.
    His willingness to give back so readily to the community is also a great testament to his character.

  • Ken, I don’t disagree that the right stars can be very good for Broadway. But given the surfeit of riches that A Steady Rain has I don’t understand the logical leap that those 100 new attendees are now theatregoers. They are event goers certainly. But how likely are they to even see Gods of Carnage? Never mind Fela! or something in their neighborhood. I just don’t see the trickle down.

  • Ashley Simpson in CHICAGO? Ouch. But in my humble experience as Audience Development Manager in a road house, if they’ve had a good first experience, they WILL come back for more. Maybe not to Gods of Carnage right away…but slightly more popular fodder, yes. And are we ourselves immune to this stuff, as “sophisticated” theatregoers ourselves? Certainly not. Bring it on, Hugh and Daniel.

  • Labi says:

    Hugh is a natural showman and he made me a Broadway fan instantly. He has raised the highest amount of money for the charity from this show, just like he did back then with The Boy From Oz.

  • says:

    Although I have not had the distinct pleasure of attending a Broadway play or musical, which I would truly love to do, I definitely can see that Hugh Jackman has become, in his own right, not only an “attraction”, if you will, but a true actor in every sense of the word. His obvious love and dedication for his art runs thru his blood to his very soul. I have always believed that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, and although I’ve never had the opportunity of meeting Hugh Jackman in person, from the very first photo I saw of him, I couldn’t help but notice the sincerity in his eyes. Ever since then, I have followed every photo I could, and it has never changed. The sincerity in his eyes is simply amazing to me. He truly has a deep seeded passion for life, love and humanity, and this shows thru in all his works, and I might add, his deeds. This man is truly blessed and sincerely tries to give blessings in return.

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