What and who is an impresario?

Merrick, Mackintosh, Drabinsky . . .

All of these producers have been called impresarios during their careers (Drabinsky has been called a few other names most recently).

But what exactly is an “impresario?”

Thanks to one of my favorite readers, Laura M., for sending me this article that appeared in a Minneapolis paper with some great quotes about what impresarios do.  (BTW, Minneapolis is one of the greatest non-big-city theater towns in the country.  I’d even take it over my hometown of Boston and over LA.  NYC, Chicago and then Minneapolis, IMHO.)

Now that you know what an impresario is, you have to ask yourself if you really want to be one?

  • Aaron Diehl says:

    I’m not sure if that Article was encouraging or not…

  • The answer is yes. But how much better to be an impresario with passion AND knowledge. That’s why this Minneapolisian (a word I just made up), will probably be going to grad school for an MBA–to make up for what he lacks . . . business knowledge.
    Mr. Davenport, if you ever take a musical out of town to the Twin Cities, I’d love the chance to meet with you. That is, if you’re not too stressed out being an impresario.

  • Thanks for linking to my Sunday column, Ken, and for your kind words about our theater scene, which is, I believe, one of the finest in the country.
    One nit: I feel obligated to note that my paper is the ST. PAUL Pioneer Press, based in the other of the Twin Cities.

  • Ed says:

    Maybe….maybe not. But it was entertaining!

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