All GREAT must things must come to an end. Altar Boyz will close Jan. 10th.

It is with great sadness that my partner, Robyn Goodman, and I officially announce that Altar Boyz, the longest running Off-Broadway musical to open in more than a decade, will play its final performance at New World Stages on Sunday, January 10th at 7:30 PM.

While this is a difficult day for everyone involved in the show, we couldn’t be more proud of what our Boyz have accomplished.

For the past several years, people have been ringing the death knell for commercial Off-Broadway theater.  Altar Boyz has proven that a fantastic show and a passionate group of people behind it can overcome any odds.

Robyn and I owe an incredible debt of gratitude to the throngs of passionate people behind Altar Boyz, including our Co-Producers, Ruth Hendel, Walt Grossman, Sharon Karmazin, Matt Murphy, Mark Shacket, and Stephen Kocis, our Press Agent, David Gersten, and our Associate General Manager, Ryan Lympus.

A special ABz shout-out to our incredible partner and honorary 6th member of the Boyz (even though she’s a girl), Beverley D. MacKeen at New World Stages, whose belief in Altar Boyz and Off-Broadway is one of the reasons that I didn’t have to write this notice years ago.

We must also thank our incredibly talented and committed creative team, led by our director Stafford Arima, who helped shape our show from the very beginning into what is is today, and Chris Gatelli, our divine choreographer.

To our wildly talented authors . . . Producing is so much easier when you have a great show to work with.  Thank you Gary Adler, Kevin Del Aguila and Michael Patrick Walker.  Whatta ya say . . . Altar Boyz II The Resurrection?

To my co-conceiver and friend Marc Kessler, who first uttered the words “Catholic Boy Band,” thank you for sharing your inspiration.

In addition to all of these individuals, I must also profess my incredible gratitude to those vendors and various other partners on the show who throughout the past 5 years recognized that Off-Broadway shows like Altar Boyz need experimental treatments in order to survive.  Thank you for listening, and for adaptating with us to the ever-changing landscape.  Those of you who helped are the reason that commercial Off-Broadway can and will have a future.

To the many Boyz that “crossed” our stage, from our originals, Scott Porter, Tyler Maynard, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan and David Josefsberg, and swings Kevin Kern and Daniel Torres (and let’s not forget our NYMF Matthew, Cheyenne Jackson), to what will be our closing company, Michael Kadin Craig, Travis Nesbitt, Lee Markham, Mauricio Perez and Ravi Roth, and swings Mitch Dean, Joey Khoury and Tommaso Antico, and all the Boyz in between, we thank you.  Your boundless energy put so many smiles on so many faces.  You truly have been the most talented boy band on the planet.  I’d like to see ‘N Sync do Altar Boyz 8 times a week!

Lastly, a huge thank you to the Altarholics, the fans who helped spread the “word” so much louder than we ever could have on our own.

We are so thrilled to have made it this far.  Our final show on January 10th is gonna be one “H-E-Double Hockey Sticks” of a celebration.

And now, we challenge all you other Off-Broadway shows coming down the pike to beat us.  Come on, you can do it.  We’re counting on you.

There are only 5 weeks and 3 days left to see Altar Boyz.  If you haven’t seen it, go.  You’ll regret it if you don’t.  Get your tickets here today.

An official press release is below.

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ALTAR BOYZ to Close January 10th After 2032 Performances 

ALTAR BOYZ announced today that it would be closing Sunday January 10th after playing 2032 performances, making it the 9th longest running Off-Broadway musical ever!

Altar Boyz is also the longest running musical comedy to open in New York in years! Full of sharp parody, sinfully spectacular dancing, and irreverent humor, this spoof about a heavenly guy-group is adored by audiences and critics alike. With an extraordinary mix of side-splitting songs “convincing enough to be played on MTV,” uncontrollable laughs and lighthearted fun, this award-winning and totally original new musical is “90 minutes of pure delight” that’s suitable for all ages and will have “the whole family laughing and singing along.”

Critics are spreading the word coast-to-coast:

“Finally, an Off-Broadway musical that actually works!” (Zinoman, The New York Times);

“Sly and funny subversion, terrific voices, soothing harmonies, and deliciously funny numbers. It sends you home with a smile! Made up of five potential Teen People cover boys.” (Isherwood, The New York Times);

“Thank Heaven for Altar Boyz! It keeps you laughing all evening long. If laughter is a form of salvation, my soul is clean!” (Daily News);

“Hilarious! This sweet and sassy, witty and completely unpretentious show sends everybody out on a cloud of mirth – and we mean everybody!” (Journal News);

“Ninety minutes of heavenly hilarity!” (The Boston Globe);

“You’ll laugh your socks off!” (Chicago Tribune);

“Hallelujah brothers and sisters! Altar Boyz is in town. Funny song-and-dance numbers that never stop and a talented cast of five handsome men. It’s top-notch musical theater!” (Miami Herald).

Altar Boyz features Michael Kadin Craig, Lee Markham, Travis Nesbitt, Mauricio Perez, and Ravi Roth, and is directed by Stafford Arima and choreographed by Christopher Gattelli. Altar Boyz has music & lyrics by Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker with book by Kevin Del Aguila, based on a concept by Marc Kessler and Ken Davenport.

Remaining performances are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8 pm, Saturday at 4pm & 8pm, and Sunday at 3pm & 7:30pm.  New World Stages is located at 340 West 50th Street, just west of Eighth Avenue. For more information, please visit or call 1 -877-ABOYZ-411.  For all the gossip, visit

  • Scott says:

    I saw the show shortly after it opened with most of the original cast (minus Tyler if I remember correctly), and had a blast. What a fun show! Congrats on an incredibly successful run, and for helping to pave the way for other commercial OB ventures in the future!

  • Union Buster says:

    You forgot Lynne Shankel, Doug Katsaros and every member of your talented BAND that has helped make the show successful. I hope you do us all a favor and use music made by yourself in your future musicals and forget ever hiring real musicians. They don’t want to work for you any longer.

  • Congrats on the historical run! It really is a delightful show that I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying several times. Altar Boyz has been one of my go-to shows to bring visitors to when they come to town. I’ve been lucky enough to work with both Gary Adler and Kevin Del Aguila and they’re both tremendously talented guys. I’m happy you’ve been able to help bring this material out to the masses. I’m curious as to how this will affect Naked Boys Singing. I don’t know how much you know or can go into detail about it, but I realize part of why they have been able to keep going was due to you sharing the space with them. Is there any news regarding that show’s future?
    See you at the social!

  • Congrats on this post, very interesting!

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