How To Get Your Show Off The Ground – The Seminar!

I get a lot of emails from people with a lot of the same questions about shows that they are writing, shows that they are producing, shows that they are planning, and so on.  Everyone wants to know what it takes to get their show off the ground!

I can totally relate to where you’re all coming from.  Several of my shows were originally just thoughts in my head.  I had to figure out how to get these thoughts out of my head, onto paper and then onto the stage (you wouldn’t even believe how hard it was to breathe life into the Altar Boyz).

Unfortunately, I can’t answer all of the emails as extensively as I’d like.  And when I do, I usually end up thinking, “Boy, I bet there are a whole bunch of other people that would be interested in this answer as well.”

So, for all of these reasons, I’ve decided to go off-line and hold a seminar, entitled:


On January 23rd, from 10a – 6p, I’m inviting only 20 people to join me at Theatre Row for an intensive and individualized seminar designed to help you get to the next level with your project.

Topics that I’m sure we’ll discuss:

– How to find funding and investors
– How to market with no money
– How to pick a performance space
– How to find a director, composer, etc.
– How to create a budget

Here’s the cool part.  This is not going to be one of those lame-ass boring seminars where I just talk all day.  I’ve limited it to only twenty people to insure that everyone gets personal attention.  Here’s how it will work:

Each attendee will get a minimum of 15-20 minutes of time to ask questions and discuss their project with me.  You can ask whatever you want, about whatever stage your project is in.  Together we’ll come up with ways to get you to the next step.

Everyone else gets to listen to this discussion, giving us all an opportunity to learn from everyone else’s issues.

It’ll be an exclusive think tank of creative producers, writers, etc. who are dedicated to their show and the process of what we do.

And without a doubt, I guarantee that all attendees will be in a better place with your projects after the seminar.

Here are the details:

Saturday, January 23rd.
10 AM – 6 PM (1 hour break for lunch)
Theatre Row
410 West 42nd St., NYC.
Cost $350/person.

To reserve your spot, click the Pay Pal button below.

Oh, and I mean it when I used the word “guarantee.”  Not happy?  I’ll give you your money back with no questions asked.

FYI, I’m announcing this on my blog before I announce it anywhere else, because I want all of my readers to get this opportunity first.  In order to make sure that everyone gets the individual attention that makes this seminar special, I had to limit it to only 20 people.  The spots will go fast.  A press release goes out 24 hours after this blog gets posted, so reserve today!

See you at the seminar!  It’s going to be fun.


The January 23 Seminar is sold out.

If you’d like to be put on our waiting list, please email my
assistant, Melissa, at
The wait list is on a first-come-first-served basis, so make sure you email


Looking for the next Get Your Show Off The Ground seminar?  Click here for the next seminar and book today.

  • Betzy says:

    Great and generous idea. Wish I could attend. Perhaps you will do this more than once a year (because I am sure you are not busy enough!).

  • Brad R says:

    Really awesome idea Ken! What about the people who might not have $350 to spend, any suggestions? Other then American Theatre Wing interviews…
    Maybe there should be free or cheap seminars throughout the year for these kinds of things. Not only for producers, but all jobs in theater. You could even gear it towards high school or college kids. If you get the schools to shell out money for “Professional Career Seminars” it might be worth something and you’d get people more educated about the theater industry. Maybe we’ll be better off in the future if more people know how our industry works. I know the League has been trying to do more with educating the public (Bway on Bway, Kids Night, etc.)

  • This is amazing! I wish I could make it, but, alas, I cannot. Good luck! Thanks for encouraging the next generation.

    • Booka says:

      While I have several hbbeios, two stand out immediately in their use of, or lack of use of, seminars. I have been to several sci-fi conventions, the most recent in Chicago and there were more panels (seminars) there than any ham radio event that I have been to except possibly Dayton. I would posit that many of the speakers who chair the sci-fi panels may receive some form of compensation where-as the panelists in a ham radio seminar are not compensated. I also get the feeling that the panels at the sci-fi conventions I have been to are more of the primary focus with the vendor and art exhibits being, although important, the secondary focus of the convention. In amateur radio, it seems like any seminars are of secondary importance to whatever even they are held at, be it a swapfest/hamvention or local club meeting.

  • James Marino says:

    I want to come just to listen. I don’t have anything that I want to produce, but I don’t want to take someone’s spot. We’ll see as it gets closer.

  • Kelly says:

    I really love this idea, but I just made a major trip to NYC and and won’t be able to travel again in January. If you decide to do hold a webinar or an on-line symposium, please let me know and I will be there. Or be here. I think it is do-able in a virtual setting. Then you could do private phone conferences via Skype or whatever for our individual meetings. Think about it!

  • Kelly says:

    Also…I’m with James. I would like to hear other peoples’ “pitches” so I can get a feel for what a project might be like. I think I have the creativity and the skills to come up with a show (or find those folks who can) but I’d like to hear how show concepts are developed. Not to STEAL ideas, but to learn how to develop them.

  • Can you bring this to the west coast? We could really use it here too.

  • Stephen Sweeney says:

    I would love to attend, and actual I think I really need to attend however being an artist in NYC in this economy $350 isn’t exactly easy to come by.
    I would think that most people who need this seminar can’t afford it.

  • I really wish I could come to learn something from this amazing person. But i also think that $350 is a little bit to much for me. But I will do my best to be there.

  • Jean Yu says:

    If you don’t have $350 for a seminar, how can you expect to afford to produce a show in NYC??

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