Oh What A Night! Photos from the 2nd Annual Producer’s Perspective Social!


Over 150 of you came to Hurley’s last Thursday night to meet, mingle and talk shop.  There were playwrights and directors and web designers and, yes, a whole gaggle of Producers.  Wings were eaten, cards were traded, and yes, a Kindle was won.

It means a lot that so many of you turned out for this event.  It’s so exciting to me to see so many people in one room that all love the theater and who all want to…well, for lack of a more eloquent phrase…do stuff.

Hopefully you all met people that can help you do, whatever it is you want to do, faster and better.

Because together, we can help make things easier for all of us today . . . and tomorrow.

For those of you who didn’t make it this year, make sure you put Thursday, December 9, 2010 in your calendar now.  🙂

Enjoy the photos!

And I heard some great stories about connections made, kindles loaned, and more.  Comment below if you’ve got a fun social story to share!








BTW, there are just a couple of spots left for my “GET YOUR SHOW OFF THE GROUND” seminar. Makes a great gift.

If you want in for yourself, or for someone you know, book your spot now.

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