Thanks a slot.

I was in a casino the other day.  The main floor was a sea of slot machines of all different shapes and sizes.

There were even a few digital slots that featured no spinning wheels, and no old-fashioned pull lever, just video game-like graphics on a mini screen inside a big slot-like box.

I played a few coins at the digi-slots, got bored pretty quickly, and then went back to the machines where I could watch the wheels turn, just waiting for those Lucky 7s to line up and pay me the progressive jackpot (it will happen, it will happen).

I looked back over at the digi-slots, which were mostly without players, and got to thinking.

There are some things that are so inherently exciting that they don’t need the most revolutionary technological advancements.  In fact, if you go too far, you end up taking the fun out of the experience.

Live performance is one of those things.


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  • Ed says:

    When I ran my ad agency we had a state lottery and a large casino as clients. There are fascinating similarities- and differences- in how live theater and casinos are marketed.
    It could probably be a book!

  • PpValdes says:

    Hello Ken,
    Your statement on technology in live performance got me to think and have a couple questions. I am currently developing a software to do Stage Management and record blocking, cues, track props, and call a show. Back at theatre school (NTS Canada) where I started this project it created a lot of controversy questioning if we should rely on a computer to do this stuff (specially calling a show). I was also pioneer on having Production Calendars and Daily Schedules just in iCal and GoogleCalendars. And Budgets on Google Docs. Instead of endless printed excel documents with uncountable version numbers. This is still questionable by many people. When you say that live performance is not necessarily benefited by the latest technology, do you refer just to the stage? What about the whole production process? Would you involve Kindles, Blackberrys and iPhones in the rehearsal and tech process?
    I hope you don’t mind I wrote about this post in my blog: · Twitter @PpValdes
    Thank Ken, Always been a fan.. (And its sad to find out about AB closing)

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