You want drama? You got it.

The biggest drama of the last decade is occuring right now.

The Producer?  Mother nature.

What’s happening in Haiti is one of the most dramatic tragedies the world has seen in a long time.

Unfortunately, we’re only at the end of Act I.  Act II is about to begin.

How will it end?  That’s up to all of us.

Give today.  Visit

(Or try the Red Cross “Ten Dollar Texting” campaign.  Donate $10 immediately by texting “Haiti” to 90999.)

  • Dear Ken,
    Here’s a proposal:
    Would you or other colleagues be interested in giving me a hand with a Benefit by the St. Peter Claver Haitian Choir, from Montclair , NJ, locally, or at NJPAC ?
    There work is quite beautiful and I know they would be thrilled if we could do this. I also sent a request to them and I am waiting for a response as well.
    Daniel P. Quinn, Nutley

  • DHicton says:

    Oh, hell, we’re not anywhere near the end of Act I. More like Act I, Scene 1.

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