A Gentleman tips his hat and says farewell.

Broadway and Hollywood lost a great Producer and a great Man on Monday, when Mr. David Brown took his final curtain call.

I met Mr. Brown (and his wonderful wife, Ms. Helen Gurley Brown) on only a couple of occasions, but I distinctly remember the firm grasp of his handshake and the warming welcome of his smile.  This was a man that loved what he did, and he loved to meet people that wanted to do the same thing.

The Sting, Jaws, and Chocolat (soon to be a musical, I hear) were just a few of Mr. B’s credits, along with both the film and Broadway production of A Few Good Men.

Good night, Mr. Brown.  We’ll do our best to keep up the gentlemanly standard you embodied so beautifully.

But you set the bar awfully high . . .

  • SarahB says:

    Thanks for this. I used to see Mr. Brown sometimes on the bus. He and Mrs. Brown were just the epitomy of old New York – classy, kind, and oh so upper west side. I just loved that they would take the bus home to 81st street while I’m sure they could have afforded private car service whenever they felt like it. They used to have a little bag of quarters for their senior fare. I would just swoon – the Original Cosmo Girl and her Love.

  • An amazing man and an amazing producer!

  • Aileen says:

    This was a really kind, tender and well written “hat tip” – one filled with a simple, yet gracious respect. I thank Mr. Brown for a life well-lived and you, Ken, for including the acknowledgment.

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