Executive Producer – POPE! The Musical

WHO: POPE! The Musical has been playing to sold-out houses for almost six months at a small theater in Chelsea.

SEEKING: An executive producer who will work with us creatively and/or financially to help take our musical on toward whatever future it may have.We have been recently offered a run at a bigger space in the
village, and would like to see how we can grow the show. In addition to
this new space we are also hoping to hit the festival scene and so are
looking for someone to join our staff who would be excited to help
steer us toward this goal.

A well loved pope is framed for a crime he did not commit, and in the wake of the ensuing media explosion a tyrannical archbishop sweeps into power. Though at first the change is welcomed by all, the new pontiff soon tightens his iron fist on the world. The people are in unrest, armies of robots stalk the streets, the world is crying out for a hero, and only one pope can answer its call.

At the heart of POPE! The Musical is a fast paced adventure that echoes the timeless mythological hero's journey. When good and evil engage in an epic power struggle lines must be drawn, sides must be taken, and confrontations must be musical. POPE! The Musical makes no significant religious commentary, but is instead a farcical comedy with rich characters, meaningful relationships, a Shakespearean power struggle, and foot-stomping musical numbers.

HOW TO APPLY: If our quirky comedy sounds like the type of show you
would be interested and enthusiastic about getting behind please send
us an email at justmoran@gmail.com, tell us a bit about yourself, include a copy of your
resume and any questions you might have.