How to design a Broadway poster.

What a great blog topic, right?

Well, it’s not mine.

I gotta give the credit for this one to my friends over at TDF (including fellow blogger, Mark Blankenship), who came up with the idea and shot an instructional video featuring none other than the man, the legend . . . “Fraver.”  If you don’t know Fraver, you should watch the video.  Fraver has had his fingerprints all over such posters as The Lion King, Sweeney Todd and Sunday in the Park with George.  If you do know Fraver, watch it anyway.

After you do, take a trip over to Fraver’s website, which is a bit of a poster museum itself (see original concepts for Sunday in the Park . . . and more).

And after that, stop by TDF’s website.  They’ve been doing some great stuff over there.  Stuff you wouldn’t expect them to do.  It seems like the TKTS booth isn’t the only thing under TDF’s umbrella that has undergone a renovation.

In both cases, their work is paying off . . . and helping develop audiences for our future.

  • Kelly Allen says:

    This is a great feature, Ken. Thanks for sharing. I agree that TDF is really growing into a full-service organization for the theater. I got to personally express this and my gratitude to the TDF staff who came to Seattle to hold a discussion about “Outrageous Fortune”…their latest book on the development of new plays (yet another fine service from TDF).
    I love what they are doing and can’t wait to see what’s up their sleeves next.

  • Hi Ken. What a great spot. I’m so inspired! In 1987, a friend got me to sit with Frank Verlizzo back when he was working at Serino Coyne (and Nappi). It was my first venture into that agency, and I sat with Mr. Verlizzo during lunch. Ever since “Sweeney Todd” (he shared w/ me his creative journey for that great piece of art), his artwork was the fuel that fired me to design production logos. I remember at the time he was working on layouts for a production of “Macbeth” with Diana Rigg. This was back in the days when art was done by hand, by pen and brush, with typsetting and on a drafting table!! Thanks for the motivation!

  • cerianna says:

    This didn’t help me at all.

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