More on designing poster art for Broadway shows.

LaCagePosterLate last week, the NY Times continued its fancy feature about the evolution of poster art with an in-depth analysis of how the Producers and Advertising Agency of the current revival of La Cage Aux Folles, led by our own 10 Question Responder, Drew Hodges, came to decide on their final logo.

Looking at the feature, you can see the wide variety of styles and looks they experimented with before they settled on what’s on the marquee right now.

My question to you . . . Do you think they got it right?

Read the article, then watch the multimedia feature and listen to Drew’s wise words.

Then post a comment on whether or not you think they nailed it.

Would you have chosen the same one?  Are you making that decision by what you like, or what you think the primary theatergoing demographic would like?

Is it better than the original? (the image in this blog is the original.)

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