One way I annoy everyone around me.

I can drive a person crazy.  I can drive a person mad.  (That’s my belated Happy Bday tribute to Mr. S, BTW).

Here’s how:

When I fall in love with a song, I listen to it over and over and over. For example, if you came by my office last week pre 10 AM or post 6 PM, you would have heard Michael Buble’s “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” 3 or 4 times in a row, easy (I mean, you can’t NOT be in a great mood after listening to that tune).  A few weeks ago it was “Til I Hear You Sing” from Love Never Dies.  Before that it was the American Idiot video of “21 Guns”.

And when I say over and over and over, I mean over and over and over until people start throwing things at me.

But come on, you do it too, right?

There’s just something about music that gets under your skin, and into your soul . . . so much that you want to sing along, right?

Here’s my question:

When you fall in love with a movie, how many times do you watch it in a row?  Do you ever put in on a loop and watch it consecutively like I do with my favorite albums?  What about a book?  How many times have you read your favorite book?  2?  3?  Maybe?  Ok, ok, yes, a movie and a book require more of a commitment than listening to a 3-5 minute song.  But what about a great article?  Or a short story?  Or a sitcom?

How many other forms of entertainment do you experience repeatedly like music?


My point is that if you’re writing a musical and your music sucks . . . so does your show (Ironically, the music can be great, and your show can still blow.)

Give us great music, and we’ll gorge like me with a bottomless basket of chips and salsa at Chili’s.

Which brings me to a second way that I annoy people . . .

  • NineDaves says:

    i find it interesting that you don’t mention seeing your favorite show over and over again. yeah, i’ve watched favorite movies more than once; reread books i liked and downloaded tv show episodes to watch again on the train. but aside from music, i haven’t repeated any entertainment consumption as much as i have theater. i’ve seen some shows upwards of 10, 15 times. there’s nothing more enjoyable in my eyes than going to a show you know and love and spotting those little changes live performers bring. it’s better than seeing a movie again, or listening to a song again, or even reading a book again because it’s the only thing that constantly changes while still kind-of staying the same. you’re right – the score needs to be strong to get you to listen repeatedly. but me listening to the score of 13 over and over again certainly didn’t help keep the show open. seeing it 5 times in the theater clearly didn’t help either, but it probably brought the show a little more dough. which is what you really need to keep your show going.

  • Will Segal says:

    I also listened to “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” over and over a few weeks ago, maybe 50 times in about 5 days.
    I got REAL tired of it by the end, but it’s so hard to stay away.

  • Danielle says:

    My current favorite is “The Bad Years” from “Tales from the Bad Years” by Kerrigan and Lowdermilk. Here are two incarnations of the song:


  • Fran Leonardis-jersey girl says:

    I listen to certain song so much my kids wind up knowing the words….at 3 my oldest was walking around singing Mama Told Me Not Come. Now at 8 he knows the words to every musical I have ever done.
    The 5 year old knows the lyrics to My Simple Christmas Wish better than I do. No, Im not proud of that.

  • jake says:

    I have absolutely done this (thank you, Kate Baldwin’s “How Are Things In Glocca Morra?”).
    As for what the commented said about seeing shows over and over again. Guilty on one account. I saw Patti’s Gypsy 5 times. Granted, I’m a student, and some of the tickets were gifts, so it wasn’t a HUGE expense. But I would go again this weekend if it were still open.

  • Gil says:

    “My point is that if you’re writing a musical and your music sucks . . . so does your show.”
    You know, I tend to disagree with this sometimes. The quality of the book (or at least story) always seems to define whether a musical is good or bad. It’s the music that elevates from good to great, however..
    I usually can come up with examples of shows I enjoyed where the songs were “eh”. It just means I’m not buying the cast album.

  • kelley says:

    I do exactly the same thing!!!!! Whenever I buy a new cd i listen to it over and over untill i can sing it backwards! Last week it was love never dies, a few things before it was Finians rainbo!!
    I <3 Broadway!
    oh, and i also watched my favorite movie 9 times in 3 days!

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