We have a winner!

For those of you following our Broadway’s Next Big Star contest on BroadwaySpace.com, we have a winner!

Congratulations to Gabriel Lopez for getting the most audience votes and taking home the top prize.

Gabe’s got a ton of talent . . . and is a great guy to boot.  We’re sure he’s going to do very well here.  And we’ll be watching!  Do us proud, Gabe!

You can watch his acceptance speech below.  To see his winning entry, click here.

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  • Jay Broadway says:

    THIS Is the best you and Craig Burns could come up with?????? COME ON… I have non-equity clients who sing and act a song better than this. And are more physically appealing. And don’t look so stiff while performing.
    This is NOT Broadway or “star” caliber.

  • theBestArts says:

    @Jay Broadway, Ken and Craig picked the finalists; viewers picked the winner. Those of us who voted for Gabe did so based on familiarity with a broad selection of his work, not just one song.
    You make a valid point about his performance in “King of the World” being somewhat stiff; he’s in the process of switching from an operatic background to musical theatre and that requires some unlearning. However, this win was not a fluke; he’s a major rising talent. Gabe is currently a finalist in two other major online competitions including “Signature Idol” at Signature Theatre in DC. Check out more of his performances at http://www.theBestArts.com/gabriellopez/, especially “Unexpressed” and “Quiet.”

  • theBestArts says:

    The correct link for Gabe’s videos does not include the final comma; it should be:

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