Actors for “Just Julian” – Manhattan Rep Summerfest 2010

WHO: Manhattan Rep Summerfest 2010
          Written by Jennifer Reichert
          Directed by Katelin Wilcox

WHEN: 6/1/2010 – 6/26/2010

ABOUT: Prototypical John Hughes good-hearted-but-awkward hero, Julian, wins the heart of all-American girl Madison on prom night. But before the credits can roll on their happiness, Julian's long-suffering best friend, Nadine, tumbles through the window to declare her love, bringing with her all of the real-life teenaged passion and angst over love, sex, friendship, and betrayal that make Hollywood endings impossible – and make friends worth having.


JULIAN – 17 (seeking actor 18+), that sweet and awkward nice guy who always seems to finish last (a pre-‘90s John Cusack-type, e.g. in Say Anything).

NADINE – 16 (seeking actor 18+), the punky, artsy outsider, done with being left behind (think Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful).

DAD – mid-40’s, a father trying to do his best by a daughter he no longer understands (in the mold of John Mahoney in Say Anything).

HOW TO APPLY: Please send photo and resume to