Wardrobe Supervisor – Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet

WHO: Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet

ABOUT: Cedar Lake produces new works by both emerging choreographers, as well as, established international artists.

SEEKING: Part-time Wardrobe Supervisor with 3+ years of experience to oversee all costume needs on tour.

WHEN: 09/13/2010-05/15/2011

RESPONSIBILITIES: Supervising all wardrobe-related activities during the course of Company’s productions, supervising all dressers; preparing all costume paperwork including dresser tracks, preset lists, laundry checklists, costume inventories and storage instructions; determining where and how changes in costume are to be made; and attending all technical rehearsals and performances. 

1. Oversee the care and proper maintenance of all costumes, shoes, undergarments, hats and costume related personal props such as gloves, jewelry, parasols, fans and pocket books.

2. Ensure the proper inventorying, labeling, hanging, storage and preset of all costume pieces.

3. Properly prepare costumes, accessories, make-up and other costume support items for home and tour performances. Oversee dressing room set up both at home and on tour.

4. Create costume piece lists, dresser tracks, change plots and other relevant paperwork. Track casting changes as it affects costumes and quick changes for each performance.

5. Create and execute a proper cleaning schedule for all garments, including specialty items that have been dyed, painted, jeweled or in any other way require special handling. Ensure that laundry and dry cleaning are done on a regular basis between performances. Coordinate the regular changing of dress shields, the application of garment freshening sprays and provide clean undergarments to the performers during performances.

6. Ensure that all costumes are properly pressed or steamed prior to each performance.

7. Regularly inventory and inspect all costumes and coordinate all costume repairs. Perform emergency repairs before and during the show, identify and perform repair work for the next performance. Ensure that larger scope problems are brought to the attention of the Costume Shop Manager and Production Manager.

8. In coordination with Production Manager and Costume Shop Manager oversee and implement safe working conditions at all times. Manage and/or delegate costume pre-sets, repairs and laundry to dressers as appropriate.

9. Perform quick changes or assist performers in the dressing room as needed. Perform emergency sewing repairs during performance. Attend all technical rehearsals and performances. Attend all end of day production meetings during tech.

10. At the end of all tours, submit paperwork to Costume Shop Manager so that they may be able to properly strike including all cleaning, repairs, re-stocking and paperwork updates as needed.

12. Demonstrate proficient hand and machine sewing skills. Demonstrate an understanding of costume construction and dancer mobility needs. 

PAY: Negotiable

TO APPLY: Email or fax Anita Shah, ashah@cedarlakedance.com
Fax: 2122440097