Actors – “Perfect Crime” Off-Broadway

WHO: Perfect Crime – Off-Broadway
          Author/Stage Director: Warren M. Manzi
          General Manager: Catherine Russell

SEEKING: Note from casting personnel: “This is a play about impersonation, and three of the characters all went to school together twenty five years ago, so the ages need to be uniform for the mystery to make sense. Please audition for a role only if you can believably play the age listed.”

Lionel McAuley: 40-65, very intelligent psychotic killer, funny, charming and very macho – must wear a dress and heels as a disguise in one scene and look ridiculous.

W. Harrison Brent: 50-65, very handsome two-sided character: a macho savage killer who also has a great British accent and looks good in a tuxedo.

James Ascher: 40-60, sexy Columbo type, very smart, small-town cop.

Margaret Brent: 35-50, very smart psychiatrist/author, good on her feet, able to multi-task.

Male Understudy: 40-60, to cover all three male roles.

Margaret Understudy / Assistant Stage Manager 

WHAT TO PREPARE: Please prepare a brief (preferably 2- to 3-minute) monologue. Please bring a picture & resume, stapled together.

PAY: $730/week

HOW TO AUDITION: Equity Principal Auditions:
                               Thursday, July 1, 2010
                               10 AM – 6 PM
                               Lunch from 1:30 – 2:30
                               Where: Snapple Theatre Center
                               210 West 50th Street, 4th Floor
                               New York CIty