My Top 5 Moments from Last Night’s Tony Telecast

Just like last year, here are five of my favorite things from last night’s Tony telecast.

1.  Sometimes the best speech is none at all.

Marian Seldes shocked (and scared) the crowd in the most classy way possible, by not saying one word after walking on stage to accept her Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement.  It was a little odd, and a little awesome, all rolled into one legend.

2.  Neil Patrick who?

Sean Hayes tore up the stage as Annie, Spiderman, and as a straight guy making Kristin Chenoweth weak in the knees with that tongue-down of an opener. He was as good of a host as we could have asked for.  You’ve been raked through the ridiculous mud over the past couple of months, Sean.  But your gracious talents have made you even sexier to all sexes because of it.

3.  The straight play mashup.

You gotta give the Tonys some credit.  Every year they try a new way to include the straight plays in the telecast.  This year, it was a pair of starry performers from each play describing the plot to the audience (and if those descriptions were getting awards, then Next Fall would have won hands down), as well as remix mashup of straight play b-roll from all of the plays on Broadway this season.  If you didn’t see it, imagine a 17-year-old club kid who also loves straight plays making a three minute tribute to post to his YouTube account.  Was it successful?  I don’t know, but the effort deserves some applause.

4.  Watching a Tony Award audience try to clap in rhythm to Green Day.

Having Green Day on the show was like striking Radio City with a lightning bolt. Has there ever been that much pyro on a Tony Awards telecast?  It was awesome, and hopefully it got the younger crowds at home to tune in.  The older crowd that was in the audience at RCMH however, seemed to have a little trouble finding their punk-groove (did you see Michael Douglas trying to get into it with that head bob?).  The issue of this audience not naturally being in tune with this type of music was made much more obvious later, when American Idiot failed to win the Tony.  But thank you Green Day for bringing your passion and your popularity to our stage.

5.  The Tony for good sports goes to . . 

Bebe and Nathan.  No last names required.  They didn’t need to co-present. They didn’t need to poke fun at themselves.  They didn’t even need to be anywhere near the building.  But they did it all, and once again proved why they are the stars that they are.  This business is going to take us all on a ride.  You’ll be up one second, and down the next.  You’ll have your face on a billboard, and then you’ll be fighting for a bio in a program.  But maintaining a level head about it all is what makes people fall even more in love with what we do.

Other fave moments from the show included the LED wall (less sets, less expenses), Catherine Zeta’s acceptance speech, the Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele Glee-fest, and Daniel Radcliffe presenting with the 2-foot-taller Katie Holmes.

Overall, I’m giving the telecast a B+.  An A- would have been easy, if it weren’t for the many sound f-ups.  I mean, you found a way to bleep out “MIND F***” from American Idiot‘s performance, but you can’t get the mic to work for others?

What were your favorite moments from this year’s Tony Awards?

And stay tuned for the announcement of our Producer’s Perspective Tony Pool winner tomorrow!  Someone is getting an iPad!

  • KB says:

    This is the second year in a row with sound issues. I don’t get it. You have one of the loveliest stages in the world, events are done here all of the time, and you have CBS at the helm…..figure it out!

  • Hunter says:

    Let’s just face it, the Tonys are now better at not having sound than they are at having it. Muting people during the American Idiot performance was simple for them.
    I’d give the show a B. It was fine, but some of the performances did nothing for me.

  • Scott says:

    I think it’s MORE than 2 years of sound problems. You’d think CBS (let alone, Radio City) would have backup mikes at the ready. Hayes did an admirable job which got off to a slow start I think because the audience was still feeling him out. GLEE-fest? Are you kidding? Do we need to promote the show on the Tonys? Just because L. Michelle is gunning for the FUNNY GIRL revival is no reason to bring the two of them back for numbers that were out of sync with everything else in the show? And wasn’t there supposed to be a number from ADDAMS FAMILY in the show or was that just an early rumor? Meh. B-

  • Kaylie says:

    I like to record the Tonys so I can rewind those “what did he/she say/do?” moments. The highlight rewind?
    Seeing the look on Michael Douglas’ face when his wife’s name was announced as the winner. Total disbelief. He didn’t know whether to laugh, or kiss her. (It did have me wondering who they had their money on.) A brilliant moment that my DVR remote will remember forever.

  • Lori C says:

    I agree that Sean was great – but why didn’t the host, who was also a nominee, never get to sing something from the show he’s in? What a waste during the number from P,P to have him just sitting in the middle of the dancers shuffling papers.

  • Malini says:

    I agree with Kaylie that Catherine’s reaction to her win as well as Kirk’s reaction to her reaction was pretty awesome. But then I feel bad about that because I don’t want that to be my favorite moment. The Tony’s were the East Coast Oscars. With sound problems. *sigh*

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