Going for the knockout punch in marketing.

There’s nothing more exciting than a knockout.

I grew up watching Mike Tyson come into his own, and every time he fought, the entire crowd was on knockout-alert . . . just waiting for that one punch that would have the other guy chewing canvas. Sometimes Mikey didn’t disappoint . . . but more often than not, the ear-biting heavyweight put the guy out after a combination of several punches that wore the other guy down, setting him up for the one punch that sent him in to la-la land.

The best boxers out there aren’t going for just knockouts.  They hammer away at the body, then they give a couple of shots to the head, then back to the body . . . then they let the other fighter toss a few punches of his own so that he’ll tire himself out.

And eventually, the smarter boxer is left standing.

The best marketers don’t go for just knockouts.  They aren’t waiting for that one great review, or the one full-page ad, or the one appearance on a talk show that they think will send sales skyrocketing.  See, the problem with praying for a one-punch knockout, is that it also leaves you vulnerable.  If that punch doesn’t land, you could be the one throwing in the towel.

The best marketers realize that selling a show is a long 10-round fight and every initiative, every ad, every review, is part of a bigger, overall strategy.

So when you’re out their fighting for sales, just try to land one punch.  Then another.  Then another.

Because slow and steady is what sells your show.

  • Trevor O'Donnell says:

    Love the theory, Ken. Couldn’t agree more.
    Not so sure about that metaphor, though. Slowly, methodically beating the market into a bloody pulp seems a bit counterproductive. I know that’s not what you’re suggesting, but I’ve seen enough shows do this to know that the metaphors we use can be telling.
    I wonder if there’s a metaphor that makes the same point but reflects a more positive relationship between the shows and the audiences we need to make them successful?

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