What do a golf swing and marketing have in common?

Underwater-golfWithout follow-through, you’ll find yourself under water.

Take this example . . .

I snapped the photo below outside a mall.  This simple un-manned flyer distribution setup was attached to a very expensive and fancy display of an “outdoor living room” (click here for a shot of what one of these suckers looks like).

It had to have cost a few grand just to set up this fountainous outdoor display, not to mention whatever weekly fees the company was paying the mall for the placement of their setup right outside the main entrance.  Unless they were selling a living room a day, they couldn’t afford to keep a sales rep. on site during mall hours, which is why they adopted the “Please Take One” flyer box.

Except the box was empty (and it was noon on a Saturday).

Despite the fact that the heavy lifting on this idea was already done (the money was spent, the display was installed, etc.), someone had failed to follow through and make sure they were getting the most from their efforts.

Whatever initiative you’re about to start, make sure you have a system in place to monitor it and ensure you’re getting the most for your money.  If you’re not going to make a commitment to follow through on whatever your idea is (whether it’s a marketing idea, or an idea for a new product, or even a script), then don’t bother teeing off in the first place.


  • Michael Landman says:

    Yes, Ken! I’m always amazed at the number of empty “Please Take One” boxes there are in front of homes for sale. Talk about lack of follow-through!

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